MIBiG Community Annotation Submission Form - Step 2: Gene Info

Please consider the following instructions when filling in the table below:
  • If you have no tailoring reactions, experimentally verified gene functions, knock-out phenotypes or custom gene names to declare for your cluster, just click 'Skip this step'.
  • Please make sure you fill out all columns for which information is available; there is a scroll bar that allows you to move to columns in the table that are placed further to the right.
  • If you right-click on one of the cells, you will see a menu that will allow you to add/remove a row to/from the table.
  • If information on a gene is not present in the pre-filled information but the gene is annotated in GenBank with a protein ID, start/end coordinates do not have to be provided. In contrast, if a gene is not annotated in GenBank and has no protein ID, start/end coordinates are mandatory.
  • Genome/contig accession: nucleotide accession number from one of the INSDC databases (GenBank, EBI-ENA, or DDBJ). E.g., 'CP000850'.
  • CDS in annotation: Untick this box if the gene has been missed in the original annotation in GenBank, which can happen, e.g., for a small RiPP precursor-encoding gene.
  • Gene ID: Custom gene name. E.g., 'eryA'.
  • Evidence for function: please select the strongest or most decisive type of evidence. If multiple types are needed, use the exact same wording as in the drop-down menu for each descriptor, but separate them by commas: e.g., "Knock-out, Other in vivo study".
  • Publication on this gene: Pubmed ID (PMID) or DOI of a publication that specifically addresses the function of this gene or the protein it encodes, if any. If multiple, separate the PMIDs / DOIs by commas.

MIBiG accession: