Genomic loci for this biosynthetic pathway

Cluster Type From To
The following clusters are from record BGC0000241.1:
Cluster 1Polyketide / Saccharide162231

BGC0000241, lomaiviticin biosynthetic gene cluster from Salinispora tropica. Locus 1. Full MIBiG entry.

Chemical compounds

Compound: Lomaiviticin A
PubChem ID: 56841540
ChemSpider ID: 10263582
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Molecular formula: C68H80N6O24
Average molecular mass: 1365.406 Da
Molecular activity: Antibacterial, Cytotoxic
Molecular target: DNA

Class-specific details

Biosynthetic class(es):
Polyketide / Saccharide
Polyketide subclass:
Other (cyclic)
Polyketide synthase subclass:
Type II
Starter unit:
Polyketide synthase / ketosynthase-encoding genes:
Genes involved in folding/cyclization:
ABP54644.1, ABP54648.1

Gene cluster description

lomaiviticin (BGC0000241). Gene Cluster 1. Biosynthetic class = Polyketide/Saccharide. GenBank CP000667, positions 2460444-2522674. Click on genes for more information.


biosynthetic genes
transport-related genes
regulatory genes
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Homologous known gene clusters

General MIBiG information on this cluster

Complete gene cluster sequence?complete
Evidence for cluster-compound connection:Knock-out studies
Contact for this cluster:Bradley Moore (Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California-San Diego)

Literature references

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