BGC0001006: lymphostin biosynthetic gene cluster from Salinispora tropica CNB-440
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Location: 3,494,094 - 3,519,138 nt. (total: 25,045 nt).
This entry is originated from NCBI GenBank CP000667.1.


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NRPS/PKS domains
General information about the BGC
MIBiG accession BGC0001006
Short description lymphostin biosynthetic gene cluster from Salinispora tropica CNB-440
Status Minimal annotation: no
A minimal annotation only contains information on the BGC loci and one or more linked chemical product(s)

Completeness: complete
Whether the loci encodes everything needed for the pathway producing the compound(s)
Biosynthetic class(es)
  • NRP
  • Polyketide
Submitter Bradley S Moore [contact]
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Loci NCBI GenBank: CP000667.1
  • lymphostin
  • neolymphostinol B
  • lymphostinol
  • neolymphostin B
Species Salinispora tropica CNB-440 [taxonomy]
Chemical products information
Molecular Formula C16H14N4O3
neolymphostinol B
Molecular Formula C16H16N4O3
Molecular Formula C15H14N4O3
neolymphostin B
Molecular Formula C17H16N4O3
List of genes involved in compound(s) production
Identifiers Position Product Functions Extra
  • Strop_3055
  • ABP55492.1
3494094 3494951 + Methyltransferase type 11
  • biosynthetic-additional (PCMT)
  • biosynthetic-additional (SMCOG1089:methyltransferase)
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  • Strop_3056
  • ABP55493.1
3495062 3502192 + thioester reductase domain
  • biosynthetic (PKS_AT)
  • biosynthetic (mod_KS)
  • biosynthetic (AMP-binding)
  • biosynthetic (NAD_binding_4)
  • biosynthetic (PP-binding)
  • biosynthetic-additional (SMCOG1022:Beta-ketoacyl synthase)
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  • Strop_3057
  • ABP55494.1
3502319 3504280 - asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing)
  • biosynthetic-additional (Asn_synthase)
  • biosynthetic-additional (GATase_7)
  • biosynthetic-additional (SMCOG1177:asparagine synthase)
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  • Strop_3058
  • ABP55495.1
3504401 3505879 + Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase
  • biosynthetic-additional (SMCOG1172:methionine aminopeptidase)
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  • Strop_3059
  • ABP55496.1
3506161 3507732 + hypothetical protein
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  • Strop_3060
  • ABP55497.1
3508078 3510099 + hypothetical protein
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  • Strop_3061
  • ABP55498.1
3510166 3513006 - alpha-1,6-glucosidase, pullulanase-type
  • biosynthetic-additional (CBM_48)
  • biosynthetic-additional (SMCOG1297:Pullulanase, type I)
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  • Strop_3062
  • ABP55499.1
3513294 3516128 + aconitase
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  • Strop_3063
  • ABP55500.1
3516255 3516536 + hypothetical protein
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  • Strop_3064
  • ABP55501.1
3516645 3517571 - protein of unknown function RIO1
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  • Strop_3065
  • ABP55502.1
3517727 3518371 - HAD-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily IA, variant 1
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  • Strop_3066
  • ABP55503.1
3518566 3519138 + transcriptional regulator, TetR family
  • regulatory (SMCOG1057:TetR family transcriptional regulator)
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Polyketide-specific information
Cyclic? no
Genes Properties Modules
ABP55493.1 Synthase subclass:
Module 1
Specificity: Malonyl-CoA
Evidence for specificity: Structure-based inference
Genes: ABP55493.1
Core domains: Ketosynthase, Acyltransferase, Thiolation (ACP/PCP)
KR-domain stereochemistry: Unknown
NRP-specific information
Subclass n/a
Cyclic? no
Release type
  • Reductive release
Gene Modules
Module 0
Annotation changelog
MIBiG version Notes
  • Migrated from v1.4
Detailed domain annotation
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