BGC0001836: tartrolon D biosynthetic gene cluster from Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258
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Location: 3,696,140 - 3,777,880 nt. (total: 81,741 nt).
This entry is originally from NCBI GenBank BK010667.1.


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NRPS/PKS domains
General information about the BGC
MIBiG accession BGC0001836
Short description tartrolon D biosynthetic gene cluster from Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258
Status Minimal annotation: no
A minimal annotation only contains information on the BGC loci and one or more linked chemical product(s)

Completeness: complete
Whether the loci encodes everything needed for the pathway producing the compound(s)
Biosynthetic class(es)
  • Polyketide (Other)
Loci NCBI GenBank: BK010667.1
  • tartrolon D
  • tartrolon F
  • tartrolon G
Species Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 [taxonomy]
Chemical products information
tartrolon D
tartrolon F
tartrolon G
List of genes involved in compound(s) production
Identifiers Position Product Functions Evidence Extra
  • DAC80069.1
3710524 - 3711882 (-) dioxygenase
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  • DAC80068.1
  • tarT
3711903 - 3712628 (-) hypothetical protein
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  • DAC80067.1
  • tarS
3712631 - 3713314 (-) hypothetical protein
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  • DAC80066.1
  • tarR
3713311 - 3714162 (-) ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
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  • DAC80065.1
  • tarH
3714223 - 3715011 (-) thioesterase
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  • DAC80064.1
  • tarG
3715008 - 3716126 (-) flavin-dependent oxidoreductase
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  • DAC80063.1
  • tarF
3716141 - 3729763 (-) PKS
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  • DAC80062.1
  • tarE
3729760 - 3744330 (-) PKS
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  • DAC80061.1
  • tarD
3744367 - 3757533 (-) PKS
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  • DAC80060.1
3758787 - 3759497 (+) hypothetical protein
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  • DAC80059.1
  • tarB
3759522 - 3760391 (+) acyl transferase
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  • DAC80058.1
3760462 - 3761685 (-) cyclic di-GMP phosphodiesterase
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  • DAC80057.1
  • tarO
3761960 - 3762541 (-) thymidine kinase
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  • DAC80056.1
  • tarM
3762602 - 3765508 (-) peptidase M16
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  • DAC80055.1
  • tarL
3765590 - 3766369 (+) enoyl-CoA hydratase
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  • DAC80054.1
  • tarK
3766373 - 3767008 (-) TetR/AcrR family transcriptional regulator
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Polyketide-specific information
Subclass Other
Cyclic? yes
Release type
  • Macrolactonization
Genes Properties Modules
tarB Synthase subclass: Trans-AT type I
Trans-acyltansferases: tarB
Annotation changelog
MIBiG version Submitter Notes
  • Hidden contributor (ID: CUIZDUBUBVAF27VHF4OZXTI3, no GDPR consent given).
  • Submitted
  • Hidden contributor (ID: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, no GDPR consent given).
  • Update chemical activity to schema version 2.11
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