BGC0002567: EDHA biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces sp. MA5143a
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Location: 45,415 - 56,279 nt. (total: 10,865 nt).
This entry is originally from NCBI GenBank OLMK01000008.1.


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General information about the BGC
MIBiG accession BGC0002567
Short description EDHA biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces sp. MA5143a
Status Minimal annotation: yes
A minimal annotation only contains information on the BGC loci and one or more linked chemical product(s)

Completeness: Unknown
Whether the loci encodes everything needed for the pathway producing the compound(s)
Biosynthetic class(es)
  • Other
Loci NCBI GenBank: OLMK01000008.1
  • EDHA
Species Streptomyces sp. MA5143a [taxonomy]
Chemical products information
(no structure information available)
List of genes involved in compound(s) production
Identifiers Position Product Functions Evidence Extra
  • SMA5143A_0502
  • SPE99793.1
  • lysA_1
45415 - 46782 (-) Diaminopimelate decarboxylase
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  • SMA5143A_0503
  • SPE99794.1
46773 - 47795 (-) alanine dehydrogenase
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  • SMA5143A_0504
  • SPE99795.1
  • asnO
47792 - 48781 (-) L-asparagine oxygenase
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  • SMA5143A_0505
  • SPE99796.1
  • appA
49043 - 50599 (+) Oligopeptide-binding protein AppA precursor
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  • SMA5143A_0506
  • SPE99797.1
  • gsiC_1
50584 - 51609 (+) Glutathione transport system permease protein GsiC
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  • SMA5143A_0507
  • SPE99798.1
  • ddpC_1
51606 - 52421 (+) putative D,D-dipeptide transport system permease protein DdpC
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  • SMA5143A_0508
  • SPE99799.1
  • gsiA_1
52418 - 54133 (+) Glutathione import ATP-binding protein GsiA
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  • SMA5143A_0509
  • SPE99800.1
54153 - 54710 (-) Glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase precursor
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  • SMA5143A_0510
  • SPE99801.1
  • yhdG_3
54810 - 56279 (-) putative amino acid permease YhdG
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