BGC0000867: polyhydroxyalkanoic acids biosynthetic gene cluster from Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii
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Location: 1 - 6,420 nt. (total: 6,420 nt).
This entry is originally from NCBI GenBank AF307334.1.


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NRPS/PKS domains
General information about the BGC
MIBiG accession BGC0000867
Short description polyhydroxyalkanoic acids biosynthetic gene cluster from Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii
Status Minimal annotation: yes
A minimal annotation only contains information on the BGC loci and one or more linked chemical product(s)

Completeness: Unknown
Whether the loci encodes everything needed for the pathway producing the compound(s)
Biosynthetic class(es)
  • Other
Loci NCBI GenBank: AF307334.1
  • polyhydroxyalkanoic acids
Species Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii [taxonomy]
Chemical products information
(no structure information available)
polyhydroxyalkanoic acids
List of genes involved in compound(s) production
Identifiers Position Product Functions Extra
  • AAG30255.1
  • phaB
22 648 - NADPH-dependent acetoacetyl CoA reductase
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  • AAG30256.1
  • phaP
844 1215 - phasin
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  • AAG30257.1
1371 1715 - unknown
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  • AAG30258.1
  • phaA
2018 3202 - beta-ketothiolase
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  • AAG30261.1
2153 3136 + unknown
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  • AAG30260.1
  • phaE
3624 4739 + PHA synthase subunit PhaE
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  • AAG30259.1
  • phaC
4755 5822 + PHA synthase subunit PhaC
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Annotation changelog
MIBiG version Notes
  • Submitted
  • Migrated from v1.4
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