Genomic loci for this biosynthetic pathway

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The following clusters are from record BGC0000933.1:
Cluster 1Other15189

BGC0000933, xiamenmycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces xiamenensis. Locus 1. Partial MIBiG entry.

Chemical compounds

Compound: xiamenmycin

Class-specific details

Biosynthetic class(es):

Gene cluster description

xiamenmycin (BGC0000933). Gene Cluster 1. Biosynthetic class = Other. GenBank KF313919. Click on genes for more information.


biosynthetic genes
transport-related genes
regulatory genes
other genes

Literature references

1. Yang Y et al. (2014 TI) Characterization of the xiamenmycin biosynthesis gene cluster in Streptomyces xiamenensis 318. PLoS One 9(6):e99537. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099537. eCollection